Ford Transit Connect 2012: turbo spills oil

Bouwjaar: 2012, Brandstof: Diesel, Transmissie: Handgeschakeld


I have the mentioned above Ford. So the car got into service mode and I left it to a service I know in Zwanenburg. The mechanic told me that the turbo is broken(which was questionable for me, but I trusted him), so I delivered the new turbo to him, but after mounting the new part it was the same - oil in the intercooler. I clearly now at this point that the problem is not with the turbo, and I am suspicious about the oil rails or the oil pump. But I do not trust this service anymore. So I told him to check the pressure of the oils around the turbo and the oil pump itself.

And here is my question, can you recommend me a service where I will have the problem solved? It's my company car and I need it ASAP. :(


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