Ford USA F150 2001: LPG Flashlube

Bouwjaar: 2001, Brandstof: LPG, Transmissie: Automaat, Vermogen (kw): 161


I drive a Ford Expedition (same platform like F150) its the 4,6 V8 215 HP, build in 2001.
Do I need flash lube for lpg?




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Hi Dirk,

How many km's or miles do you have driven wihout flash Lube?.
Or are we talking about a new LPG kit?.
If it is a new LPG kit you can choose for a system what direcly inject the flashlube together with the fuel.
This system is very preciously and works properly.

If the kit is build in in 2001 you have only the possibility to assemble a system what works mechanically.
This system is a simple plastic bottle with a connection to the inlet manifold.
This system works with the underpressure in the inlet manifold.
This system is not very preciously,in the summer the flah lube is very thin,you use more than good is for the car and in the winter the Flash- Lube is thick,so it won't come out of the bottle.

Normally this size of engines does not need Flash Lube.
It is another situation if you will use the car for heavy load or big trailers,than it is recommended to assemble a Flash-lube kit.
If you can choose,choose the system what inject the Flas-Lube together with the fuel.
The mechanically sytems are a pain in the ass.

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