Suzuki Ignis 2021: Idling stop unavailable

Bouwjaar: 2021, Brandstof: Benzine, Transmissie: Handgeschakeld, Motorcode: K12D, Motorinhoud (cc): 1200, Vermogen (kw): 61

Hello everyone. I've noticed that for the last 2 or 3 months the car never goes to idle mode.
It's 2021 Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Hybrid Front wheel drive, manual
The car was delivered in July 2021 and until September the idle stop was rarely not working.
Since then the car has never gone to idle.
The battery is showing full, i can see indication it's charging from regenerative breaking.
Idling stop is on, just showing not available when I stop on a traffic light, for example.

Has anyone experienced this issue and have a fix for it?

Thank you in advance


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kaleido 1 PRO, 1 maand geleden

Oké, the car is stil in warrenty, back to dealer , they have to fix it.
What do you meen by idle mode , or do you meen start stop?

Nymmeria, 1 maand geleden

Yes the start-stop function is called idling stop on Suzuki. I wanted to avoid leaving it with the dealership, since it doesn't look like a battery problem, or a physical malfunction at all. Thanks anyway 😌

kaleido 1 PRO, 1 maand geleden

Oké there are multiple reasens for not working of the system , low temperature , to much users , ect.

    The don't tell you this when you buy the car. When the airco is on, and the radio start stop doesn't work?? - Toinek 51, 1 maand geleden

Niet gevonden wat je zocht? Misschien is je vraag al eens beantwoord voor je Suzuki Ignis of stel zelf een nieuwe vraag.


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